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The Stain Pro

Stain and/or seal fences, decks, playgrounds, and any other exterior wood surfaces. Contact us today for a FREE estimate.




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Old - Cleaned - Stained

Which wood do you think will look the best and last the longest? Call today for fence and deck staining services today. Add Value to your home.

Certified Professional Staining Services

If you need a deck, porch, fence or any exterior wood stained, contact us for a FREE Estimate today.

Wood Defender

We exclusively use Wood Defender to protect your deck or fence. Sprayed on applications are appealing, quick, and provides the layer of protection wood needs.

Our new fence looks great after it was stained. I would recommend Stain Pro to anyone.

David Summers

Resident, KC Customer

Staining our fence was a great idea and we had great service with Stain Pro.

Beth Wheatherby

KC Resident, Customer

You can see the difference before and after our fence was stained. The pricing was affordable and it was a quick project. Our family has recommended Stain Pro to others.

Corey Littles

Resident, Customer

The fence staining really made our fence stand out. I definitely recommend Stain Pro.

Lisa Potters

Resident, Customer


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