Fence Cleaning

Older weathered wood must be properly prepared prior to staining to kill the mold and mildew spores present. Keep in mind that any gray in the wood not cleaned prior to staining will be visible after the staining process has been completed. That’s one reason this process is a vital one. All of our wood stains are powerful enough to keep the mildew and mold from returning but do not act as a wood cleaner during the application process.

Stain Pro Fence Staining specializes in staining and sealing wood that is exposed to Mother Nature. Although the bulk of our business is staining and sealing wood privacy fences and decks we also protect and restore pergolas, arbors, gazebos, play sets, wood soffit and siding, shutters, storage buildings, porch swings, benches, small bridges, wooden support columns, etc.

Our custom trailer comes to you filled with the highest quality stains and staining equipment on the market, assuring that you get a job well done the first time around! Here at Stain Pro Fence Staining, we are 100% committed to our customers needs. We take every job very personally and hold up our work to the highest of standards knowing that with quality work comes happy customers, peace of mind, and great referrals! Our business runs all day, every day, with Sundays and Holidays being the only exceptions.

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