Of the hundreds of decks built on an annual basis, the vast majority go unprotected against the extreme Kansas City environment. Due to the difficulty associated with applying competitor deck stains, consumers unfortunately watch their investment gray over time and ultimately deteriorate. This problem has been solved with the Wood Defender® line of deck stains. With the ease of application, clean-up, maintenance, and longevity, Wood Defender® deck stains have become our only choice for deck care!

Wood Defender® deck stains are designed specifically for application on contact surfaces like decks and play systems. Most competitors products are universal, being used for both fences and decks. A universal product commonly lacks specific criteria for its intended purpose. Wood Defender® deck stains help to beautify outdoor decks, playground equipment, boat docks, benches and any other contact type structures. This high quality deck staining formula highlights and reveals all of the existing wood grains, bringing out the natural beauty in the wood. The Wood Defender® deck stain formula works well to seal out the harsh effects of the environment, and provides our customers with the maximum time between deck staining applications.

Transparent Deck Stain Color Chart
(Two Year Warranty Product)

Maintains new wood look with transparent color, while still revealing the woods beautiful grain and texture.
Contains trans-oxide pigments. Formulated specifically for decks and other horizontal exterior wood.
Silicone enhanced to repel water on horizontal surfaces. Synthetic resins and natural oils to preserve wood.
(Note: The manufactures warranty applies to new wood structures or “Wood Defender” re-coats only
and guarantees no fading of the product or mold/mildew growth)

Wood Defender® actually has two products that are formulated for decks, the transparent deck stain (shown on the color chart above) and the universal fence and deck stain. (not shown on the color chart) The transparent deck stains are most commonly used on new structures made from cedar or redwood. The transparent deck stains are formulated as a direct color match to the transparent fence stains. This is a very beneficial tool when we are trying to match a deck to a fence. Even though the colors are the same, it is important to remember that a deck may not always match the fence due to the different species of wood and the milling process of the materials. The universal fence and deck stains excel on pressure treated surfaces and any surface that is aged and has to be cleaned. The universal product is a semi-transparent blend that allows you to have the desired properties of the semi-transparent formula while still revealing the wood grains. The universal stain is only offered in three colors: Russet Brown, Super Cedar and Cedar Tone. We will often blend the universal fence and deck stain with the transparent deck stain to achieve a slightly more opaque finish. The Wood Defender® deck stains are formulated with less oil and more synthetic resins allowing the product to dry within 24 to 72 hours after the staining application and cure impervious to rub off or track. The Wood Defender® deck stains are also enhanced with silicone to provide the ultimate water repellency! All of the Wood Defender® deck stains are oil-based and are formulated to penetrate deep into the lumber protecting the wood from the inside out. With that in mind we may have to use a stripper to remove any latex based products that are on the structure. Wood Defender® deck stains will not penetrate through water based stained. On the other-hand, when applying a maintenance coat of Wood Defender® products, removal of the existing coat is not necessary.