The simple fact is that most of our staining  projects require prep work such as pressure washing and chemical treatments or wood brighteners. In the past, Stain Pro has kept their focus on being the best staining company possible but we have had many clients ask about other services. In response to client demand, Stain Pro has decided to offer more services in 2017.

Stain Pro now offering “roof to curb appeal”

Painting – Stain Pro does more than just staining. When it comes to painting – We do that too!

Roof cleaning – Stain Pro uses special tools and equipment to accomplish a “like new” look without any damage to the roof. Our system does not require us to even walk on the roof in most cases.

Gutter cleaning – Stain Pro uses special tools and equipment to completely clean your gutters inside and out. It is crucial to keep your gutters clean and draining properly to keep water away from your foundation.

Concrete, brick & stone – Stain pro uses impregnating sealers to extend the life and look of all your exterior masonry surfaces.

Windows – Stain Pro uses prof. level products and tools to make your windows sparkle.

Siding – Stain Pro will pressure wash your siding and when it comes to mold, Stain Pro has you covered. We are a certified mold remediation firm. We will eliminate the mold in a way that will inhibit the regrowth and keep your home mold free longer than any other technique on the market.

Patio furniture, swing sets, gazebo’s and more.

Let Stain Pro drastically improve your “roof to curb appeal”

Stain Pro isn’t just for staining anymore.

Stain Pro now offers “roof to curb appeal” cleaning/staining/painting.

Over the years, Stain Pro has been Kansas City’s premier exterior staining service and we appreciate all of our customers for giving us the opportunity to serve them.